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Payroll Services

Our Payroll Services provides small businesses with a simple way to implement payroll service that is guaranteed to reduce cost, eliminate liability and save you time.

Switch to our Payroll Services and receive even greater benefits such as:
1. Savings up to 40% over our competition
2. Accurate tax filings guaranteed
3. Local tax filing included at no additional cost
4. Optional Workers compensation payments without initial outlay
5. Dedicated and passionate team to help
6. Pricing that is easy on your budget
always know what your costs will be Concierge Service Support received by having a dedicated customer service representative, regardless of your size.


  1. Payroll Advice from client,
  2. Pre Audit data received, before processing the payroll, and seek clarifications
  3. Add to the payroll advice, audit clarifications, if any, received from the client
  4. Update master wherever required
  5. Process Payroll
  6. Generate pay register in soft and hard form
  7. Generate employee wise Pay slips
  8. Generate Bank payment advice for salary transfer
  9. Facilitate Cheque / DD preparation, if any, for salary payment,
  10. Facilitate Bank transfer of salary into respective accounts of the employees
  11. Generate MIS report, as required by the client
  12. Generate employee wise TDS and PF / ESI report for the client
  13. Generate Accounting voucher for month’s payroll, if any
  14. Circulating tax declaration & estimates for all the employees – 2 or 3 times a year
  15. Tax estimate for new joinees during the year
  16. Monitoring of Tax deduction (TDS) from salary / one time payouts, employee wise and for the client as a whole
  17. Deposit of TDS, monthly and / or other wise
  18. Compiling and Filing of TDS ‘e’ returns, quarterly / as per statute
  19. Issue of TDS certificates to employees
  20. Facilitate Full & Final Settlements, including accounting and taxation for the same
  21. Facilitate Periodical Incentive Payments
  22. Interact with the Statutory Auditors for Audit of Payroll
  23. Maintenance and updation of employee master
  24. Process Payroll & issue pay slips
  25. Maintain pay register
  26. Generate MIS report
  27. Generate employee wise TDS, PF, ESI, and PT report


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