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Accounting Services

As a business owner you have many things to take care of and it is not easy to manage your own bookkeeping. It is a tedious task to enter and verify all accounts to ensure that everything is in order. It requires time, effort, patience and a great level of attention to details. You can either do all these yourself or if it is too much on your plate then use our Accounting services. Our Accounting services is tailored specifically for small businesses like yours.

Business entities in India are required to comply under various statutes, which are tedious and complex to the say the least. This key activity would require substantial time and effort combined with expert knowledge and skill to address them comprehensively.

A sound, standard compliant and up to date accounting system is the base of any business – be it small, medium or big.

Our services include:-

  1. Small businesses can outsource their day to day accounting work to our firm and can save their energy, focus and time for expanding their business.
  2. Accounting system implementation advisory to new businesses.
  3. Advisory related to applicability of various accounting standards.
  4. Advisory related to accounting treatment of complex financial instruments transactions (for instance derivatives), foreign exchange transactions, transactions with branches, subsidiaries, joint ventures etc.
  5. Advisory related to internal controls to be set up for a robust and fraud free accounting system.

Why do companies outsource is because “Outsourcing” offers several advantages?

  Cost effective resources,

  Get Access to specialised services,

  High quality talent pool,

  Concentrate more on your core business,

  Make faster deliveries to customers,

  Increased efficiency,

  Give your business a competitive edge

Our outsourcing process will be executed using one of the below mentioned methods:

A) Online Accounting Process

Under this process, the accounting function is carried out in your server. Our team connects to your server / system using remote desktop connectivity and completes the accounting function on a day-to-day basis.

B) Offline Accounting process

Under this process, the source documents (that are required in accordance with your business / accounting requirements) will be scanned and send to us via mail , fax . Our team access these documents and day to day book keeping is carried out using the software as per your requirements and the accounting data file will be submitted for your review on a periodical basis.

F&A Processes:

  Accounting system Set-up

  Account write up / book keeping services

  Accounts payable

  Revenue Accounting

  Accounts Receivable


  Month-end Close

  Cash Management

  Management reports

  Financial Reporting and Consolidation

  Regulatory Management

  Expense Management

  Cost Accounting

  Fixed Asset Accounting

  Bank operation authority

  Account Reconciliation and Analysis

  Month-end Close

  Policies and Procedures

We serve clients across key industry sectors such as technology, manufacturing and distribution, Telecommunication, energy, services and others.

We help organizations improve the performance of their operations through our service, enabling them to achieve substantial efficiency.

Would you like to find out more about what the SmallBiz can offer to your company?