Charitable Trust Giving back to the community
A lot of entrepreneurs wish to run non-profit organisations to promote objects like charity, religion, art, etc. Even though there are forms of organisations such as trust and societies for these purposes, there is an option available to promote these objects through a company registered under the Companies Act. These companies are known as Section 8 companies and they enjoy a lot of privileges for the very reason that they promote these objects


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Registration Services for New Section 8 Company

Section 8 companies are those companies which are formed for the sole purpose of promoting commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object and have been granted a license by the central government recognizing them as such. Such companies should intend to apply its profits, if any or other income only in promoting its objects and must also prohibits payment of dividend to its members.Thus there are three criteria for determining whether a particular company is section 8 company or not:

1. Its objects should be only to promote commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object.

2. It should intend to apply its profits or other incomes only in promoting its objects; and

3. Central government should have granted a licence to such a company recognizing them as such, these types of companies can be either public company or private company having a limited liability.

Steps to be taken to get incorporated a Section 8 Company

Step - 1 Apply for Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate for Directors of a Company, both Indian and foreigners, are also required to get Digital Signature Certificate - DSC - under the new requirements. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required for all Directors who will require to sign ROC forms or documents. A DSC, like hand written signature, establishes the identity of the sender filing the documents through internet which sender cannot revoke or deny.

Step - 2 Apply for Directors Identification Number (DIN No.)

Directors of Company, must register and get and identification number under the new requirements. It is called Director Identification Number (DIN No.)

Step - 3 Apply for the availability of the name

The next step is to decide the name for the proposed Company to be incorporated. Anyone intending to incorporate an Company has to evaluate his proposed name under the prescribed parameters and make an application in eForm Form INC-1 for reservation of the desired name.
The name of the Company shall not be similar or identical with that of a Company or Company already registered in India. The details to be state in the eform Form INC-1 are as follows : 1. Six alternative names for the proposed Company. 2. Name, addresses and DIN of Directors 3. Description of proposed business activity.

Step - 4 File form INC-12

On receipt of the name approval letter from the ROC form INC-12 required to be file. Its Attachments include:

  1. Draft Memorandum of Association of the proposed company in Form INC-13,
  2. Draft Articles of Association of the proposed company
  3. Declaration by Practicing Chartered Accountant / Practicing Company Secretary / Practicing Cost Accountant in Form INC-14,
  4. Declaration from each person making application in Form INC-15,
  5. Estimated Income and Expenditure for next 3 years
Step - 5 obtaining a license for a Section 8 Company, for which Form INC-16 is to be filed in order to obtain a license for such company.

Step - 6 File the documents for Registration:

Once, name is allotted and receiving the license / approval form Government,company registration documents have to be prepared and filed with respective ROC for registration. The following documents and Form filed with After receiving the license / approval an application is to be made to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) along with following forms:

  1. INC 7
  2. INC 22
  3. DIR 12

All the eForms shall be digitally signed by any Director and shall be certified by an Advocate/ CA/CS/CWA in practice engaged in the formation of the Company

After the Registrar is satisfied that all formalities are complied with, he issues a Certificate of Incorporation as to the formation of the Company within a 7 days of filing eForms and will issue a Certificate of Incorporation , which shall be conclusive evidence as to the formation of the Company.

We pride ourselves on accommodating any comments or suggestions made.Should you have any questions about Company Formations or registering please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.



Director Identification Number

The following documents are required for obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN).

1. Proof of Identity

  • PAN (Mandatory for Indian Nationals )
  • PASSPORT (Mandatory for Foreign Nationals )

2. Proof of Residence:
(Any one of the below)

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Election or Voter Identity Card
  • Electricity bill
  • Bank Account Statement
  • UID/Aadhar Card

3. Latest passport size photographs of all Directors/Promoters

Documents required for Address Proof of Registered Office.

  • Rent Agreement or Leave & Licence Agreement, if registered office premise is taken on rent.
  • Utility Bills of proposed registered office
  • NOC of Owner